Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the clubs …

On December 13, 1987 I performed stand-up for the first time at Catch a Rising Star in Cambridge, MA. From there I went on to perform at literally hundreds of venues, venues of course being a loose term. I’ve performed on TV and radio, and in front of audiences that ranged in number from 7, to 1,400.

I’ve been lucky enough to earn the respect of my peers, audiences, and the numerous national acts and headliners with whom I performed. The rigors of the road and my decision to focus my attention on family and career have given me a fortuitous but prosperous hiatus. I write jokes daily and practice my craft with anyone and everyone with whom I connect. Nothing is more rewarding or healing than sharing the joy of laughter.

Like all great artists throughout time, a hiatus from what beats strongest in the heart is only a temporary break. I am constructing an entirely new act and am back in new and peak form. So don’t be surprised if you hear someone say, “Hey, who is the bald guy doing Elwell’s material?”




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Boston Comedy Company – 7 locations • The Comedy Club – Boston • Stitches – Boston

Duck Soup – Boston • Stevie D’s – Middleton • Hiccup’s – Rochester • Club 28 – Old Forge

The Laughing Wolf – New Paltz • Rascal’s – Ocean Township

Comedy Club, Inc – Richmond & Williamsburg




University of Massachusetts • University of Maine • University of Rhode Island

University of New Hampshire • University of New England • MIT • Keene State • Trinity

Plymouth State College • Johnson and Wales • Roger Williams University

Syracuse University • Clark University • Thomas College • Brown University





Official Stand Up Comedian of the Katz & McCarthy Morning Show


“The Elwell Report” featured weekly on The Friday Night Comic Strip

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